My name is Israel Daramola. I’m a writer, frequently working out of Atlanta and NYC. I write about music, film, and television for various sites like GQ, The Ringer, Buzzfeed, Pitchfork, Genius, Defector, Spin and more. I’m currently freelancing, writing cultural criticism, a work of fiction, and movie/ TV scripts. If this doesn’t work out, I will commit full-time to my rap career. You can follow me on tumblr here, on twitter here and to a bar anytime else. You can subscribe to my newsletter here

Please direct all questions to: iodaramola@gmail.com

links to previous work:




On Kendrick Lamar’s latest album: https://www.thedailybeast.com/kendrick-lamars-mr-morale-and-the-big-steppers-raps-pulitzer-winning-poet-has-never-sounded-so-uneasy?ref=author

On Twin Peaks and Laura Palmer’s tragic hero tale: http://www.passionweiss.com/2017/09/18/twin-peaks-the-return/

On Jay-Z and the rules to becoming a man: http://www.passionweiss.com/2017/07/11/jay-z-444-beyonce/

Reviews for Genius: https://genius.com/artists/Israel-daramola

On the Curry family and “good” black people: https://www.buzzfeed.com/idaramola/how-steph-and-ayesha-curry-became-the-good-black-family?utm_term=.fb2JMK0zv#.db85L8pzB 

On Frank Ocean: http://www.passionweiss.com/2016/09/20/nostalgia-undone-on-frank-ocean-and-waiting-for-more/ 

On Chance the Rapper and black joy: http://www.thefader.com/2016/05/17/chance-the-rapper-coloring-book-black-joy?utm_source=f&utm_medium=tw&utm_campaign=share

On being Nigerian and Southern: https://www.buzzfeed.com/idaramola/fried-gator-and-jollof-rice?utm_term=.tk7R4P5p0#.ikEWNgq64

Comedy sketches written by me:

Music Reviews: http://pitchfork.com/staff/israel-daramola/

Essays and reviews: http://www.spin.com/author/israel-daramola/

A web series I co-wrote with some friends: http://www.quartercenturyws.com/

On becoming a Lupe fan again: http://noisey.vice.com/blog/i-actually-like-the-new-lupe-fiasco-album

On sickle cell and the prospect of dying: http://sevenscribes.com/crisis-how-sickle-cell-made-me-confront-my-mortality/



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