My name is Israel Daramola. I’m a writer, frequently working out of Atlanta and NYC, trying to make something of myself. I recently wrote about music, film, and television for Spin magazine. I’m currently freelancing, writing cultural criticism and movie/ TV scripts. If this doesn’t work out, I will commit full-time to my rap career. You can follow me on tumblr here, on twitter here and to a bar anytime else. I also take photos sometimes:

Please direct all questions to:

links to previous work:

On Twin Peaks and Laura Palmer’s tragic hero tale:

On Jay-Z and the rules to becoming a man:

Reviews for Genius:

On the Curry family and “good” black people: 

On Frank Ocean: 

On Chance the Rapper and black joy:

On being Nigerian and Southern:

Comedy sketches written by me:

Music Reviews:

Essays and reviews:

A web series I co-wrote with some friends:

On becoming a Lupe fan again:

On sickle cell and the prospect of dying:

On the movie Dope and Blackness:

Music and Movie reviews:

Movie reviews:

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