Good Things About the NBA This Year


  1. LeBron
  2. ignoring the fact that LeBron is on the Lakers
  3. Jimmy Butler torpedoing the Timberwolves
  4. T A K E S
  5. Boston potentially combusting due to chemistry issues
  6. Carmelo Anthony being washed
  7. Tom Thibedeau running players into the ground before ultimately getting fired
  8. Bad Skip Bayless Tweets
  9. Whatever J.R. Smith does this time
  10. someone’s gonna do something stupid on social media
  11. Russell Westbrook fashion statements
  12. people pretending to hate triple doubles when Russ does it
  13. Kevin Durant reacting to criticism
  14. ignoring Warriors games
  15. using the Warriors as an allegory for American excess and post-Trump cynicism due to the megalomania of our technocratic silicon valley industry and the elite aristocratic upper class societies that have profited off the backs of the poor for far too long and have laid the foundation for the eventual destruction of the country as a result.
  16. Talking yourself into Steph Curry being good again
  17. Kardashian-Jenner NBA dating watch
  18. Now that Harden got his MVP we can all go back to ignoring the Rockets and their unwatchable perfect basketball until he inevitably chokes in the playoffs again.
  19. Joel Embiid shit talk
  20. Being annoyed by Drake
  21. Dwyane Wade washed fest/retirement tour
  22. thicc boi Luka Doncic
  23. Liking the Knicks ironically
  24. Supporting the Bulls begrudgingly
  25. Respecting the Celtics unfortunately
  26. Markelle Fultz wellness watch
  27. Personal Trainer snapchat
  28. Acknowledging how terrible #NBATwitter is (the worst of the sport Twitters)
  29. ignoring/blocking #NBATwitter
  30. Reading too much into players being noncommittal to their teams ahead of free agency
  31. Space Jam 2: More Jam
  32. Taylor Rooks
  33. memes
  34. not watching enough games but quoting Basketball index like an expert anyways
  35. Getting in on “Bucks to the finals” early
  36. Giannis MVP
  37. Anthony Davis MVP
  38. laughing at All Star Weekend being in Charlotte
  39. using analytics as a cover for your very obvious racialized beliefs
  40. Aaron Gordon dunks
  41. Victor Oladipo R&B
  42. The rising potential of another brawl in the stands because NBA fans are assholes begging to get hit.
  43. Russell Westbrook subtweets
  44. I don’t know if you heard but Brad Stevens is pretty good at coaching
  45. NBA Coach Zaddies (Ranked)
    1. Quinn Snyder
    2. unshaven Brett Brown
    3. Greg Popovich
    4. Lloyd Pierce
    5. Dave Joerger
    6. LeBron James
    7. David Fizdale
  46. Fat John Wall being a locker room cancer and showing up drunk to games after a night of partying
  47. Donovan Mitchell backlash
  48. Not pretending the NBA is woke
  49. hating people who use the NBA’s fake wokeness to virtue signal
  50. Damien Lillard begging his way back into the All-Star Game and then inevitably blowing it in the playoffs and making another trash mixtape.



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