But seriously, how good was Drive

I’ve been obsessed with this movie since I first saw it. I love everything about Nicholas Winding Refn’s ode to a stuntman/getaway driver: from it’s kitsch 1980s era synth-pop soundtrack to its glamorization of a Los Angeles that seems to be lost in time. Not too mention Ryan Gosling at his Gosling-est, in full-on puppy-dog eyed “hey girl” mode. You can’t deny the guys appeal as a leading man and his performance here is especially impressive as he doesn’t even say much, just stares into your soul for about 90 minutes.  Since I first saw him in the 2006 film “half nelson”, where he played a coke-addled inner city teacher trying to save a student from falling into that world, I knew Ryan Gosling was destined for hollywood greatness. What I liked about him was that he reminded me of the old 1960s-1970s hollywood star that I loved; provocative and effortlessly cool. Like Taxi Driver-era Deniro orCool Hand Luke-era Paul Newman, Ryan Gosling was THAT guy for this generation, and to be perfectly honest there aren’t many of those around right now. And as forDrive, I mean it’s one of those movies that makes you feel uncool if you’re not into it. Easily the most snubbed movie of the year by the yearly Hollywood “jerk-off” awards fest, the movie has some of the best cinematography and music that’s been seen this year and let’s not forget a deliciously diabolical performance from Albert Brooks of all people. I try not be THAT guy who’s all if you’re not into this then you’re just not cool, but seriously, if you’re not into this then you’re just not cool.


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