Things I Learned From Professor based god

Lil b, rap artist/life philosopher/permanent internet meme, hosted a lecture at NYU, much to the chagrin of people like me who don’t live in New York; but lucky for me and the world as a whole footage is available now over youtube of Professor B’s message to the people. Despite lil b having trouble with getting his words out, there are many gems to be found in his lecture such as:

1. Appreciate people

2. The secret to life is to look at everyone like a baby (which is kind of a beautiful sentiment, albeit a little weird)

3. Be honest with yourself

4. Honesty, integrity, passion and friendship are the keys to life

5. Appreciate the world we live in and the life we get to have

6. Carry love in your heart

7. Put down the guns and the knives

8. Stop messing with the earth bruh
Now people have their different opinions on lil b as a rapper and as a person but the fact of the matter is lil b gets my respect for the simple fact that he’s one of the few genuine people in rap: no perpetrating, no fake bullshit. He embraces his weirdness and awkwardness and in a world of unearned boastfulness and swagger jacking; it’s pretty refreshing, and even though the lecture was a bit repetitive, it had heart and I learned more from it then I did some of the lectures I had to go to in my own college. So for that, thank you based god


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