Catching Waves

(yes I know it’s not a sandy pic, but it’s what I found)

Thoughts and prayers to those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy, who it turns out wasn’t just frontin in order to impress Hurricane Danny Zuko but was actually a pretty devastating mess of a storm that caused all kinds of destruction. I ended up stuck in Florida with my parents and unable to return to DC for a couple days due to the storm, as a result I spent time watching coverage of the storm. Other than taking in just how much damage took place and how desolate and grim New York looked, I took away two things from the coverage:

1. These reporters aren’t getting paid enough to broadcast live from the midst of the storm. These news stations haze worse than a college fraternity.

2. Once I saw surfers out there riding waves as the storm was starting to pick up power, I realized just how big of a pussy I am.

I’ve been obsessed with surfing since I was a kid, and yet 23 years of age and I still haven’t done it yet. nothing like a devastating storm to remind you of how much you take life for granted and how many things in your life you “never got around to doing.” I couldn’t tell you why I haven’t surfed at all yet, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time though–and not in a bucket list, let-me-try-it way either, but in a full-fledged I want to do this on the regular way. I’m not entirely sure how I’ll make it happen–seeing as how I’m too broke to travel right now (the fact that it’s close to winter doesn’t help) but I will make it happen somehow someway.  Whatever I gotta do to prove to myself that I am NOT, in fact, a pussy.


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