What’s So Great About Your Job Anyways

Look, I get it. Times are tough, people aren’t working and everything is shit–fine, whatever. However, let me just say this: In your haste to look for a job to support that record company that you swear you’re gonna get off the ground, have you ever thought about how much it would suck to actually have to go to work?

Listen, we all have dreams–and tightly written screenplays–that we swear are gonna happen one day soon; but until then you’ll take that telemarketer job or use that math degree to crunch numbers in some corner cubicle for a mid-level company just to keep the lights on, and you know what? You’ll hate every second of it. You won’t complain openly so as not to jinx it for yourself because “in this economy you’re lucky just to have a job” but everyday it will eat at you little by little until you wake up one day as the guy in your office with all the Dilbert comics posted on your wall. I for one say nay to this sort of existence, and instead make the argument that you don’t really need your job–you just need to know how to live broke.

Look, all you really need in life is food and shelter–maybe the occasional moccasins too, I mean, we’re not animals–and there’s no better guarantee for both food and shelter than the food and shelter available at your parents/relatives/friend’s house. Oh what’s that? You’re too good to live with your parents again, I beg to differ. Instead of wasting 8 hours each day at a job just to spend the whole paycheck on surviving, why not just live at home for free and really focus on that blog of yours that you just know will get you the exposure you deserve. If Steve Jobs can start Apple from his parents house and Kanye West can lock himself in a room, doing 5 beats a day for 3 summers, then there’s no limit to what you can do too.

We’re in a new age, how do you tell a kid the story about the American dream or about climbing the corporate ladder when people actually get paid a shitload of money for their bullshit tweets or for doing this. Now more than ever, we are in the age where everyone can be whatever the fuck they choose to be as long as they can pimp it out to somebody. This is the new age we’re in, so you can sit around and sulk about your office job or sulk that you don’t have an office job if you want, but it’ll probably do you better to just find something to be good at and make someone pay you for it–based on what I’ve been seeing it seems to be easier than it sounds, now if you’ll excuse me , I have more snarky posts to make on my pinterest in the hopes of getting “discovered”.


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