Bringing Sexy Back To Water


Sean “Diddy” Combs and Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg have taken time out of their busy schedules of schilling overpriced vodka and movies about TV shows about “brahs being brahs man”, respectively, to join forces to tap into another market in desperate need of corporate takeover. This market concerns water, more specifically AQUAhydrate, a much more tantalizing word instead of drinking water. This isn’t exactly the first time water has been turned into another avenue made for crass commercialism and brand building in this wonderful land of magical capitalism, but the meeting of these two titans of marketing and mediocre rap skills is something to take note of. Naturally, it was Diddy who made a statement better than anything you’ll read in the shitty blog: “When I tasted this water, I fell in love with this water. It was that simple, I really do not like the taste of the majority of waters that are on the market. I am just looking for something that makes me feel good and tastes good.”

I too hate how water always tastes so watery, WHY OH WHY CAN’T IT TASTE GOOD?! At any rate, I’m sure the rap community is steady working hard to work rhymes about recovering from a night of Ciroc and strip clubs with some energy-boosting AQUAhydrate as we speak.

via (The AV Club)


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