Video Games

In case you missed out, Sony announced theĀ impendingĀ arrival of the Playstation 4 game console. The press conference, which took place at 6 pm EST, showed off a few specs and capabilities while also showing off gameplay and trailers for new games such as the latest Killzone game and the sure-to-be eagerly anticipated Bungee-Activision collaboration Destiny. What wasn’t shown off however was the actual console itself–or the price. We did get a peek at the controller (pictured above) which confirmed the rumors about it to be true. More interesting than anything else was a demo that conveyed how the Playstation move wand could be used to create your own worlds in the system (think of it like adobe photoshop: CGI edition), also based on how strongly the PS3 is still doing, it doesn’t look like it will be phased out anytime soon. You can expect the PS4 to be out this holiday season.

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