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Hey all you sneaker nerds out there who study Jordan numbers like it’s math homework and speak about 90s NBA sneakers like a war historian on the A&E channel. If you’ve got some time to kill you should really do yourself a favor and check out The Nike SB Museum, a complete collection of every Nike SB ever released in commemoration of their tenth anniversary. I’ve always been partial to the SBs; ¬†some of the best, most inventive and eye-catching sneakers out and after spending the past hour perusing the site, I realize I have a lot of shoes to catch up on getting. Oh consumerism, you win again! Check out the collection here.

Well, at least of sneaker wear. Tammy, the homie in DC, is a pro at nail art and over the past weekend she blessed some lucky ladies with her skills. Seeing as how this took place during the sneaker pimps tour, it was only right that the majority of the nails were based on favorite sneakers of the participants. You can follow Tammy on twitter here.  


The Sneaker Pimps tour-a showcase for talented street artists, up and coming brands, under the rader rappers and, of course, celebration of sneakers-made it’s way to the Fillmore in Silver Spring this weekend. Among getting caught up in the illest of sneakers and jumping into mosh pits during different sets, I managed to take a few pictures of the event. Enjoy.

All photos credited to Israel Daramola



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